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  Alaknanda River Rafting  
The river so beautiful, the water so clean, the mountains so majestic, the surroundings so green... .
  Ganga River Rafting  
A three-day/two night visit to Leopard Beach Tented Camp or Camp Panther is ideal to enjoy the thrills of....
The Brahmaputra River Rafting
Paddling the Brahmaputra River is an exciting journey down one of the worlds greatest rivers, an option only...
  The Kali Sarda River Rafting
Known as the Mahakali in Nepal and the Sarda or the Kali in India, this is one of the great rivers of the...
The Zanskar River Rafting
The trip begins with a flight over the Himalayas into the Trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh in the state...
  White Water River Rafting
Ganges is the most sacred rivers in India originating from the Himalayas. Its many tributaries add to the...
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