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Day 01 Arrive Kolkata
Fly overnight to Kolkata and transfer to hotel. Overnight at hotel.
Day 02 Explore Kolkata
After breakfast, full-day sightseeing of Calcutta including Belur Math, RamakrishnaTemple, Calcutta Museum, Dakshineshwar Temple and Kalighat Kali Temple. Dinner & overnight at hotel.

pilgrimage tours indiaKolkata
Founded in 1690 by the Englishman Job Charnock, the 'chance erected, chance directed' city of Kolkata is inextricably linked with modern Indian history, particularly the history of imperial India. Known as the Second City of the British Empire, it was till 1910 the capital of British India. Indeed, the colonial flavor lingers to this day in the architectural splendor of the magnificent buildings of Kolkata. How Kolkata got its name is however, a mystery. It may have been derived from kali kata, a reference to the art of oducing limestone from burnt snail shells. Possibly the origin is khal kata, in view of its canals. Or, it could have been an anglicized version of kali kotha, meaning the abode of the goddess Kali, the presiding deity of the city. Kolkata's heritage has many facets: historical, social, cultural and intellectual. Under the British, the city flourished economically and socially. Before independence, the city led India's intellectual and nationalist movements. overnight at hotel.
Day 03 Kolkata / Varanasi
After breakfast, half-day at leisure. In the evening, transfer to Railway Station to catch Doon Express at 20.35 Hrs.Overnight train journey.
Day 04 Varanasi (Sarnath)
Arrive Varanasi at 10.50 Hrs. Transfer to hotel. Day at leisure till noon. In the afternoon, visit Sarnath and Buddhist Museum. Dinner & overnight at hotel.

ganges pilgrimage tour

After attaining enlightenment, Buddha came to Sarnath, where he preached his first sermon. In the sylvan surroundings of a deer park, he initiated his first five disciples into the Buddhist monkshood. Here began one of the greatest religions of the world. Emperor Ashoka erected a magnificent stupa here. Forgotten for centuries, Sarnath was excavated by British archaeologists in 1836

Day 05 Varanasi
Early morning, boat ride on holy river Ganges followed by walking tour of Old Varanasi and Banaras Hindu University. After breakfast, personal meeting with Vedic astrologer in Old Varanasi followed by half-day city tour. In the evening, boat ride on Holy River Ganges. Dinner & overnight at hotel.
ganges religious tour


cannot be described, only experienced. Sunrise on the riverfront, as seen from a boat, can be a spiritually uplifting sight. Crowded with temples and its labyrinth of streets, the city attracts the maximum number of tourists- domestic and international. Though Varanasi retains its heritage, the city is moving. New markets, commercial complexes and modern hotels make it a melting pot of both. The religious capital of Hinduism, Varanasi’s the oldest living city in India, and one of the world’s most ancient. It was previously known as Kashi – the city that illuminates. The present name is derived from the fact that the city is at the confluence of the rivers Varuna and Asi. At a distance of 12 kms from Varanasi is Sarnath where Lord Buddha preached his first sermon after Enlightenment.hot

Day 06 Varanasi/Allahabad
After breakfast, leave for Allahabad by surface. Reach Allahabad and transfer to hotel. visit the Sangam – the confluence of River Ganges, Yamuna & Saraswati – the venue of Kumbh Mela. Bath at Sangam. Dinner & overnight at hotel.

river ganga indiaAllahabad
situated at the confluence of three rivers, the Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati this city blessed by gods, came to be known as Prayag' or 'Allahabad'. It is also an important pilgrimage centre of India and for the religious minded it is a must visit on your India tours and travel. Many important events in India's struggle for freedom, took place here. This confluence of history, culture and religion makes Allahabad, a unique city. In addition to being a major pilgrimage centre, the city has played an important part in the formation of modern India. Hindu mythology states that Lord Brahma, the creator god, chose a land for 'Prakrishta Yajna'. Foreseeing the sancity of the place, Lord Brahma also called it as 'Tirth Raj' or 'King of all pilgrimage centers'. The Scriptures - Vedas and the great epics - Ramayana and Mahabharata, refer to this place as Prayag. During the time of the Mughals a massive fort was built in 1583,
Day 07 Allahabad/Varanasi/Delhi
After late breakfast, drive to Varanasi airport for flight to Delhi, IC # 805 at 16.00 Hrs. Arrive Delhi at 17.10 Hrs.Transfer to hotel. Dinner & overnight at hotel
Day 08 Explore Delhi
After breakfast, full-day combined sightseeing of Old Delhi and New Delhi including Rickshaw Ride in the narrow crowded lanes of Old Delhi, Red Fort, Jama Mosque and Rajghat. In the afternoon, visit government buildings. Dinner & overnight at hotel.

Day 09 Delhi/Rishikesh
After breakfast, half-day sightseeing of Old Delhi including Rickshaw Ride in the narrow crowded lanes of Old Delhi, visit to Jama Mosque and Red Fort. Afterwards, leave for Rishikesh by surface. Reach Rishikesh and transfer to hotel. Dinner & overnight at hotel.

Day 10 Explore Rishikesh
After breakfast, full day sightseeing of Rishikesh including boat ride on Holy River Ganges. Afterwards, visit various ashrams and Bharat Mata Temple. In the evening, experience Evening Ganga Aarti at Parmarth Ashram. Dinner & overnight at hotel.
source of ganges yatraRishikesh
situated on the Right Bank of Holy River Ganges and surrounded on three sides by Himalayan ranges is known from medieval time as a celestial abode.It is a great pilgrimage centre of India, attracting a large number of pilgrims. It is believed that Bharat, brother of Lord Rama, subjected himself to severe penance here. A temple known as Bharat Temple was later constructed at the site and the town of Rishikesh sprang up around the temple. It has since been the abode of saints and sages from where they sojourn before undertaking the arduous pilgrimage that lay ahead on the distant Himalayan peaks. This is the gateway to the kingdom of Gods and pilgrimage to Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri.

Day 11 Rishikesh/Uttarkashi
After breakfast, leave for Uttarkashi by surface. Reach Uttarkashi and transfer to guest house. Rest of the day at leisure. Dinner & overnight at guest house
Day 12 Uttarkashi/Gangotri
After breakfast, leave for Gangotri by surface. Reach Gangotri and transfer to guest house. Rest of the day at leisure. Dinner & overnight at guest house.
Day 13 Explore Gangotri
After breakfast, visit Gangotri Temple, one of the holiest shrines of India. Personal meeting with various holy saints and sadhus (subject to availability). Dinner & overnight at guest house.
ganges tour indiaGangotri
Beyond the gorge where the Jadh Ganga meets the Bhagirathi heralding the approach of the Gangotri temple, the narrow, Bhagirathi Ravine, dramatic and beautifully wooded, opens out into a valley flanked by jagged snowy peaks. At the end of this portion of the valley stands a simple edifice to the Goddess Ganga built in the eighteenth century, where Bhagirath sat and prayed for 5,500 years and where came the Pandavas to atone for the death of their kinsmen. Standing on pillars on the right bank of the river at a height of 3,200 meters (10,500 ft), the slopes surrounding the temple indicate the level of the bed of the past giant glacier, while the tiny village is full of giant deodars and conifers. Here the river flows north, giving the village its name Gangotri.

Day 14 Gangotri/Chirbasa/Bhojbasa
After breakfast, trek towards Bhojbasa via Chirbasa. A total of 13 kms to be covered within approx. 05 Hrs. The trek route passes through deep dense forest of Himalayan coniferous and pine trees to arrive at Bhojbasa. The main structure at Bhojbasa is an ashram, which is served as a stop over point en route Gaumukh. Transfer to hotel. Dinner and overnight at hotel.
Day 15 Bhojbasa/Gaumukh/Bhojbasa
Gaumukh is the point from where the holy Ganges originates. A short and easy trek of an hour brings us to Gaumukh. Later, return back to Bhojbasa. Reach Bhojbasa. Dinner and overnight at guest house.
  source of gange


forbiddingly beautiful, the awesome Shivling peak looms, 6,543 M (21,470 ft) above the source of the Ganga at the Gangotri glacier evokes a mystical atmosphere descending from beyond the Chaukhamba cluster of snow peaks, while the three peaks of the Bhagirathi mountains tower over the Gaumukh springs almost as if these mountains were the embodiments of Shiva. At the end of the valley is the snout of the Gangotri glacier called Gaumukh – a hundred-meter (328 ft) high wall of Grey snow from the top of which moraines come regularly crashing down. From the ice walls of the blue ice caves, the waters of the Bhagirathi gushes out with force and cut afantastic gorge among the granites of the Himalayas. The colossal glacier varies in color from shades of blue to green lying in a basin 5,000 meters (16,404 ft high.

Day 16 Bhojbasa/Uttarkashi
After breakfast, trek back to Gangotri. Reach Gangotri and leave for Uttarkashi.Transfer to guest house. Dinner & overnight at guest house.
Day 17 Uttarkashi/Rishikesh
After breakfast, leave for Rishikesh by surface. Reach Rishikesh. Transfer to hotel. Rest of the day at leisure. Dinner & overnight at hotel.
Day 18 Rishikesh/Haridwar/Rishikesh
After breakfast, visit Vashisht Cave – an ancient holy cave for meditation. Afterwards, rafting down the Ganges upto Rishikesh (OPTIONAL). In the afternoon, leave for Haridwar by surface. Reach Haridwar followed by visit to ashrams and temples and walking tour of local market. Afterwards, experience the evening Ganga Aarti at Har ki Pauri. Return back to Rishikesh. Transfer to hotel. Dinner & overnight at hotel.

india ganges tour

This sacred town, 210 km from Delhi, marks the emergence of the Ganga into the plains, piercing through the Shivalik Range. The devout believe that this is one of the four places in India upon which the nectar or Immortality, Amrit, fell. It has been churned out of the formless ocean and was being carried in a Kumbha – pot – when it split. On the zodiacal anniversary of this event, a huge religious fair, the Kumbha Mela, is held here every 12 years when hundreds of thousands of devotees bathe in the Ganga. Every six years the Ardh (half) Kumbh is held.

Day 19 Rishikesh/Delhi
After breakfast, leave for Delhi by surface. Reach Delhi and transfer to hotel. Dinner & overnight at hotel.
Day 20 Delhi
Early morning, transfer to international airport and tour terminates.

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