This trail has been set out in the most basic form. The intention of STI is to surprise the travelers/trekkers/mountaineers to have the fun of exploring new places, truly be amazed by the beauty of nature. A brief history and further descriptions will be provided by the guide while on the treks and tours in order to give a true feel of the place as the traveler can see and relate to the place more strongly. This is a challenging trek over the main Himalaya range as it takes a minimum of a week to go over the Omasi la. This should be attempted ONLY by well prepared parties. From Padum the route heads up the Zanskar valley past Tungri village to Zongkul monastery. It is a days walk to the base of Omasi la. The climb to the pass crosses a series of glaciers and gets very steep just below the top. From the pass (5340mts) there are panoramic views of the inner Himalaya.


Another spectacular cave monastery of Zanskar, Zongkhul falls on the Padum-Kishtwar trekking trail, just before the ascent to the Omasi-la begins. A foot print on a stone near the entrance of the lower cave is revered as that of the yogi, Naropa. The frescos on the cave wall are very old and reflect a high degree of artistic achievement.
Day 1 Leh to Padum via Lamayuru and Kargil

Day 2 Padum to Zongkul monastery (6-7 hrs)
Day 3: Zongkul to the base of Omasi La Pass (16000ft) (6-7 hrs)
  Day 4 Cross Omasi La to the base on the otherside (7 hrs)
  Day 5 Camp to Suncham (8 hrs)
  Day 6 Suncham to Marchel (3 hrs)
  Day 7: Marchel to Atholi (8 hrs)
  Day 8: Drive from Atholi to Kishtwar by Car
  Day 9: Drive back to Leh/Jammu
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