Altitude :
Total no. of days : 4 days
Type of Trek : Easy
Total no. of trek days : 1 day
Fixed Departure dates : Minimum 4 member group, ideal for students
Starting point of trek : Neuli
End point of trek : Neuli
Location Chart: Delhi ( 315m ) - Mandi ( 750m ) - Largi ( 1500m ) - Neuli ( 1500m ) - Manu Temple in Shenshar Valley ( 2200m ) - Neuli ( 12km round trip ) - Largi - Delhi. Best time to Visit: April and May, September to mid-November. Total distance covered during the trek: 12km
  One-Day trek-cum-Eco Tour:
Offers an opportunity to interact with villagers and observe their daily activities, including weaving, basket-making, cooking and farming.

Day 1
Delhi ( 315m ) to Mandi ( 750m ); 465km; 11 - 12 hrs
Leave Delhi for Mandi - one of the district headquarters of Himachal Pradesh. Mandi is a beautiful town situated on the banks of river Beas. Mandi has been blessed with 80 beautiful temples. The temples of Panchvaktra and Trilokinath are famous for their architecture. There are many places to explore near Mandi like Parashar lake, Kamru Nag lake, Barot valley and Jehjheli valley which are yet unexplored and untouched. Overnight stay in the hotel.

Day 2
Mandi ( 750 m ) to Largi* ( 1500 m ); 45km; 2 hrs
Largi *- A tourist centre of Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) caters to the tourists coming to GHNP. It has a hall with training and projection facility for tourists, school children and the village community. It is well located for orientation programmes from Neuli or Gushaini. A small hall has Park educational displays. Park brochures, posters, and entry tickets to the Park can be obtained here.

Next day, we take you to Largi, a tourist centre, from where we obtain entry passes for the Park. The route to Largi : a drive up to 41km from Mandi to Aut on Delhi - Manali national highway where there is a diversion from Aut, 5km to Largi. Before trekking, you will be provided with some brochures related to the Park. The evening is free to hang around the Largi village. Check your trekking equipments and sleep well.
Day 3:
Largi to Neuli ( 1500m ); ( 14km ) to Manu Temple in Shenshar Valley ( 2200m ) to Neuli (12km round trip) to Largi
Arrival in the morning and after breakfast, with packed lunch, we leave for Manu Temple, a 200-year-old Hindu temple with intricate woodcarvings. The Eco zone areas are adjacent to the Park and provide a combination of natural and cultural experiences. The trails go through villages and are generally easy to moderate. Back to Largi for dinner and overnight stay.

  Day 4
Largi to Delhi. Leave Largi for Delhi for onward journey or another option is to visit Manali.

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