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This adventure isn’t about change but it seems to be an inevitability.

Special Tours India (STI) Pvt. Ltd. main office situated near the end of Kullu valley, Manali is the real starting point of an ancient trade route which crosses the Rohtang and Baralacha passes, and runs via Lahul and Ladakh to Kashmir while divergent road connects it with Spiti valley.

There is an interesting legend about Manali which goes to say that Manu, the author of 'Manu Samhita', after the great deluge first stepped on the earth from the celestial boat at a place in this land. The particular spot where he established his abode was the present Manali which is regarded as the changed name of 'Manu-Alaya', the home of Manu. The temple dedicated to Manu still exists in the Manali village. It was from here that the human race came into being after the deluge.

So, STI pre-opening team member decided to start their office from Manali as new tourism concept --Special tours India came in to being from here after doing path-breaking work with youngsters, corporates, government and non-government organizations. "Specialtoursindia.com is a large online portal from Special Tours India Pvt. Ltd. –an ecologically sustainable destination Management organisation with a primary focus on experiencing natural & historical areas of Indian subcontinent that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation".

For the special interest and eco traveller who willingly chooses to follow their own theme, interacting with people, their culture and lifestyles, their legends and festivals, the personal adventures, the opportunities are aplenty. Indian sub continent is a mix of fusion and contrast and similarly, the choices are equally so. When you undertake a Special Interest holiday, STI team gives you the finest inputs to make your itinerary truly special. STI researches each trip carefully and accurately and has on its advisory panel, specialists and consultants, thus addressing the specific needs of the traveller and his chosen activity.

Special Tours India is proud to offer you the most comprehensive coverage of the special interest tours to Indian sub-continent where you can find tours ranging from Adventure in Himalaya, Archaeology to Architecture, Farmers study Tour to Doctors study tour, locomotive tours to shopping thrills and many more attractive packaging......all enwrapped within white Majestic Himalayas in theNorth and the ‘Blue Waters’ around. Special Tours India -The Travel Co. dedicates itself to the service of tourism and travel with the tourism professionalism and caters to the requirement of tourist in tune with the changing time. We pledge to serve our valued clients in a bigger and better way since we are committed in maintaining perpetuity of commitment in order to caress a quality of life. This pursuit enables us to flourish in the world of competitive global tourism market.

The organization also provides the following adventurous activities in the Himalayan region:

Soft Adventure, Trekking, Mountaineering, Biking, Jeep Safari, White Water Rafting, Culture and Religion Tour The organization after gaining a wide exposure and experience in the adventure travel industry, the promoter started the company in the year 2002. We organize the above mentioned programs mainly to the following regions of the Himalayas :

We organize the above mentioned programs mainly to the following regions of the Himalayas :

Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh Himalayas,
Himachal Pradesh Himalayas,
Garhwal and Kumaon Himalayas,
Sikkim Himalayas,
North East Indian Himalayas,
Nepal, Bhutan & Tibet Himalayas,
Special Tours India-The Travel Co. deals with Special Interest Holidays, Eco Tours, Adventure Journeys, Cultural Holidays, Luxury Travel & Special Himalayan visit in India, Nepal, Bhutan & Tibet. We are accessible to you on your ecotours of Indian sub continent. These exclusive, high comfort package tours provide the international travelers an unforgettable insights into the best of India - icy glaciers, mountain resorts, stark deserts, virgin forests, heritage sites, unspoiled beaches, tiger sanctuaries and serene villages, untouched by time.

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Email: info@specialtoursindia.com

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