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Hang Gliding 1 Day Intro Course with Tandem Flight, Fantastic introduction to the sport of Hang Gliding

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Day finishes with fantastic Tandem Flight where you are towed to 2000ft before gliding back to earth This has to be one of the best value days that we offer! A combination of our  Hang Gliding 1 Day Intro Course with our Tandem Hang Glide Aero-Tow Experience.  It is a fun packed day during which you will learn the basics of solo hangliding. You will be introduced to the equipment and the principles of hang gliding and will have a go at all sorts of things such as ground control, launching and take off! The day finishes with the pièce de résistance which is your chance to experience an aero tow tandem hang glide; in a special tandem Hanglider you will be towed behind a microlight to a height of 2000ft with your instructor. Run your fingers through the clouds as you take control of the glider, or simply sit back and enjoy the views. This really is a unique experience of a lifetime, hanging on the outside of an aircraft, head down with nothing but the rush of the wind over your face. A brilliant and excellent value day!
Experience Content
You will start your day by meeting your instructor at the centre before learning some theory on how a glider flies, having a safety briefing and being introduced to the equipment which includes the glider, harness and helmet. You will then work on a simulator to get a feel for how a glider flies. You will then learn how to rig and de-rig a glider before doing some short runs with the glider; your feet will be on on the ground but the glider will be catching air and you will be starting to learn how to handle a glider. The fun really starts when you are attached to the winch - the winch is at one end of the airfield and you & your glider at the other; the speed the winch pulls you at determines how high & fast you fly.  Using a winch  ensures that you will be able to progress much faster than you would on a hill.  You will start off being pulled for some short hops and as your skill and confidence builds you will progress to longer flights. By the end of your training you can expect, depending on your progress and the wind strength, to be doing short flights where you will be 15 - 20ft in the air. You will finish your day with you tandem hang glide aero tow experience; the microlight will start, and begin towing the glider into the air for a thrilling ride, gaining height, all the while taking in the great views. At 3000ft the towline will be jettisoned and you and your instructor will glide free and silent in complete awe of the spectacular views overlooking the beautiful countryside. You may even get a chance to use your new skills and take the controls and fly the hang glider yourself or enjoy the thrill of limited aerobatics depending on weather conditions and your instructor.
What you Need to Know
Duration: You should allow a full day for the course.
What to Wear / Equipment: The centre will provide you with all the equipment you will need on the day. You should dress warmly - layers are best so you can take some off if you get hot. You should wear solid footwear ideally with ankle support, trainers are ok.
Bir,Billing Himachal Pradesh
Weather: Hang gliding is a weather dependent sport; always call the centre either the day before or on the day of your course to check that the course is going ahead.
Availability: This course is available all year round.
Restrictions: Weight restrictions: Max: 14.5 stone. (90KG), The minimum age is 14 (Under 18's require parental consent). There is no upper age limit although in the interest of your own safety you must give details of any medical condition that may affect your ability. If you are in any doubt, please contact your GP for advice.
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