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The Baba Balak Nath Sidhpeeth is located at a distance of 50 Kilometers from the District Headquarter Hamirpur  Himachal Pradesh India on a hill known as ‘Deoth Sidh’. Hamirpur is thickly populated bustling township having highest population density in North India (H.P.).  Temple complex has the maximum spread of not less than 2 sq. Kilometers which can be easily covered in a time frame of about 4 hours. The view from the highest point in the temple is amazing as you can look across several hills and water bodies between these hills are also clearly visible.

  PILGRIMAGE- THE TIME THAT SUITES FINE:The pilgrims throng the ‘Sidhpeeth’ round the year, but unusual congregations and gatherings can be seen on ‘Sankrantis’ and Sundays. The place displays a festive mood from mid-March to mid-July. As an occasional rituals, local deities from the villages are taken to the ‘Sidhpeeth’ in highly decorated palanquins

govind sagar baba balaknath

How To Reach:

Airway :  Nearest airport - Chandigarh (120 Km From DeotSidh) Daily Flights are available from Delhi and Bombay
Railway : 
Nearest Railway Station - Una(50 Km from DeotSidh) Daily  trains are available from Delhi to Una.
Roadways :  DeotSidh is the Connected from district Headquarter Hamirpur,Una,Bilaspur by Road. Inter State Bus Services is also available up ShahTalai.

Where to stay : 
Hamirpur: Himachal Pradesh Tourism Hotel Hamir and various other private hotels (Hotel Partap Hira Nagar, Hotel Gautam Near Bus Stand, Hotel Kamal Taj main bazaar  etc.) 
Deot Sidth : Sarais, managed by the Shrine Board offer free accommodation at Deot Sidth, run by various organisations offer reasonable accommodation to the pilgrims. 

STI recommended program :

Take Himachal Express to Una
More than the temple itself, the scenic drive on the beautiful mountain roads excites me. After monsoon, the fields are full of corn crops and you can see ripe Bhutta’s ready to be plucked everywhere. All khuds (small rivulets) are full of water and the untouched beauty of the Govind Sagar water reservoir is at its peak. We always stop at a point from where we get a good view of the water body. The lush green plains at the banks of Govind Sagar make you want to throw away your shoes and run wild across the fields. Be on a look out for Govind Sagar at your right while driving towards the temple. Don’t miss it because if you see it once, you will cherish the memory forever.

It takes about 1.5 hours to reach Shahtalai from Una. Shahtalai is a significant town for people who worship Baba Balaknath. Baba Balaknath is supposed to have performed a long Tapasya here while taking care of Mata Ratno’s cattle. Some very interesting folklores are popular about this. After some years he is said to have left Shahtalai and taken Samadhi inside a cave some distance up from Shahtalai. The main Temple of Baba Balaknath is built outside this cave and is known as Deotsidh. People start their trek from Shahtalai and walk 10 kilometers to reach Deotsidh. You can also hire a jeep to reach there. After that a flight of stairs with shops on either side takes you to the gate of the temple. From here female devotees form a separate line as they are not allowed near the cave. The view from the highest point in the temple is amazing as you can look across several hills and water bodies between these hills are also clearly visible.

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