In Indian mythology at the period of MAHABHARTA the Pandwas use this trek to reach holy Shrikhand Mahadev...Shrikhand Mahadev is a pilgrimage place for Hindus. Shrikhand Mahadev is considered to be the adobe of Lord Shiva. Its peak is 5155 mt. high. So it is a place of great attraction for the religious people as well as for climbers. There is a miracle known about the Shivalinga here. Round the year the snow falls here, but it does not stay at the Shivalinga and melts down soon thereafter. It is part of the Great Himalaya National Park where the forests and the high altitude meadows are protected and can display their full beauty. The traditional villages along the way are far from roads and have equally preserved the way of life in the Himalayas. Architecture, dress and custom hasn't changed here for many generations

  Additional Information:
A group of devotees start Pavitra CHHADI Yatra (The wholy stick march) from Nirmand in the leadership of MAHANT (the head priest)..this year Chhadi yatra will start from 15 july..... a lot of SADHUS, common people and tourists join this...
Now a group of volunteers from Himachal has been formed to promote this Yatra. The name of this organisation is Shrikhand SewaDal. Sewadal organise Shrikhand yatra absolutely free of cost. Even this organisation  provide free food, tea, free medical checkup and night stay. Shrikhand SewaDal has build a Dharamshala (Free rest house for visitors).... and every year a few tent houses are made for the pilgrims. now this very hard trip is much easy than earlier. This year Shrikhand sevadal is organising this Yatra from 15 to 23 july.... July to mid august is the most favorable period for this trip...

Update on Sri Khand Mahadev Peak:
No gear is required for this trip (ropes or ice axes etc, even in May), and it is quite a 'trade route', not really a worthy mountaineering/climbing objective, but a difficult pilgrim trek . The Jeori approach (from NH22 / sutlej valley) is both difficult and dangerous, and the approach from Bagipul (the pilgrim approach) is the easiest. The party that did the route approached from Tirthan valley, which is of medium difficulty. Apparently as many as 5000 pilgrims visit this peak during the yatra, supposedly in July, so that would be a good time to give it a miss if one is looking for solitude of any kind. Shrikhand Mahadev peak is open for travelers in july 1st weak to mid august... but it is very risky to visit in August due to heavey rain and snowfall in hights (even sometime cloudburst)... so the most favourable period is mid july to end... This is a three days journey... you can come to Shimla by road, air or rail.... and from shimla there are direct buses to Rampur Bushahr (130 KM, five hour journey)... in the way to Rampur Bushahr... NARKANDA is another Good place to visit...From Rampur Bushahr you can reach Nirmand by bus (17 KM) or Arsu (13 KM from Nirmand, total 30 KM from Rampur) and stay there at night... The three days (two nights) journey to holy Shrikhand Mahadev starts from Bagipul.... a jeep able road of arond 6-7 KM has been made in 2005 on this track... u can hire a tempo trax also to save ur energy...

There are three ways to reach Shrikhand Mahadev
Via Shimla-Narkanda-Rampur Busharhr-Arsu-Bagipul
From Kullu side---last village conneted by road is Bathad in Banjar Block of distt. Kullu...From Bathad a steep track leads to BASHLEU PASS and then it leads to a very beautiful village SARAHAN (but this is Kullu Sarahan another one is in Shimla distt) Third track is via Rampur Bushahr- Jeory.... but this is very hard and usually local people from Shimla-SARAHAN area use this track..

  Day 1: Pick up from Chandigarh/Shimla & Transfer to Rampur
  Day 2: Rampur-Nirmand -Jaon
  Day 3: Jaon to Singahar
  Day 4: Singahar to Chatru Danda dhar (vertical climb tough day)
  Day 5: Chatru to Bimduar via Khalighati Pass (3900 m)
  Day 6: Bimduar to Parbati Top
  Day 7: Rest day Parbati Top, Climbing Shrikhand Mahadev (5227 m)
  Day 8: Parbati Top to Chatru
  Day 9: Chatru to Singahar
  Day 10: Singhar-Nirmand-Rampur
  Day 11: Transfer from Rampur to Shimla/Chandigarh.
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