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Duration :
13 nights / 14 days
Cities :
Delhi, Bangalore, Madras, Mumbai

: Through this trip the participating members visit the Hindusthan Aeronautical Limited factory in Bangalore, Integral Coach Factory in Madras, Tarapore Atomic Energy Center in Mumbai and the Delhi School of Engineers, a premier teaching Institute imparting education to future engineers. The tour also includes interface with students and teaching faculty.
You will find most high rise or tallest building in the commercial capital Mumbai - a city of west-central India on coastal Mumbai Island. It is India’s main port and commercial center. No wonder both commercial and residential space is a premium.
Remember a building above 24 meters is classified as a high-rise.

engineers study tour indiaList of tallest buildings in India

The Imperial, Mumbai - 60 Floors Ashok Towers 1, Mumbai - 53 Floors
Shreepati Arcade, Mumbai - 45 Floors RNA Mirage, Mumbai - 41 Floors
Oberoi Spas, Mumbai - 40 Floors Kalpataru Heights, Mumbai - 39 Floors
Belvedere Court, Mumbai - 40 Floors Planet Godrej Mumbai, 51 Floors
Science Museums in India
The term 'museum' literally means “a spot dedicated to the muses”. It was deemed to be a place where a person could attain aloofness above the humdrum affairs of life. An important branch of the museums are the science museums. Science museums can be literally defined as museums devoted to science. Science museums concentrate mainly on display of things related to geology, paleontology, industry and industrial development. However in recent times Science museums put more stress on showcasing the technological developments made by man. Thus the purview of the Science museums have broadened in recent times. India has a gamut of museums dedicated to science or industrial development.
This site elaborates on the term “science museum”. It tries to investigate what is meant by the term science museum. It then goes on to delineates the early history of science museums starting from the Renaissance period. During the Renaissance period universities and medical schools maintained collections of specimens for their students.This could be termed as the predecessor of moder science museums. Another type of science museum which can be specifically termed as industrial or technological museum came into existence during the heydays of Industrial revolution.
This site belongs to the National council of Science Museums in India. This is an autonomous body which was formed in the year 1978. It now has 27 Science centers operating under its jurisdiction. This body rightly takes the credit of making science reach out to the millions of people in India. It has also played an active role in developing several science galleries and museums in India. The most noteworthy among these science center or museums are the National Agricultural Science museum in Delhi and the ONGC Golden Jubilee museum.
National Agricultural Science museum in Delhi can be called the pioneer of agricultural science museums in India. Agriculture and animal husbandry has always been an integral part of Indian economy. Till date about 65% of India population is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. This museum tries to chronicle the ancient agricultural practices of India. It also lays equal stress on displaying how India achieved its green revolution in agriculture in the post independence era.

If you need information on National Science Center of Delhi, this is just the site for you. It gives you all the information on this esteemed science museum of India. It provides details about its location and preferred timings and the entry fees. This museum was created with the sole aim to create and develop the interest of students in the field of science. A tour of the museum would definitely be a learning and fun experience for any visitor. This museum has a number of galleries among which the gallery on human biology fascinates and intrigues visitors most and remains the most popular gallery.
This is just the site for you if you are interested in visiting the Science museums in India. This site provides you with a colorful map which depicts the location of these science museums in India. So if you are interested in getting your fill of science know-hows log into this site and take down the location of these science museums in India.
This site eulogizes the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum situated in Kolkata. This science museum is surrounded by a beautiful garden which has various species of flowering plants, Bonsais and plants with medicinal values. This museum has eleven galleries dedicated to different branches of science like the Life Science gallery, Electricity gallery, Communications Gallery etc. Definitely a place worth a visit if you are science buff!
This site is dedicated to Nehru Science Center, Mumbai, which is the largest Science center in the country. This science center sprawls over an area of eight acres of land. It can also boast of more that fifty science exhibits on energy, sound, kinematics, mechanics and transport etc. National Science center also acts as Western Zone head quarter of Science Centers. Science centers in Nagpur, Calicut, Bhopal, Dharampur and Goa come under its jurisdiction. 6000,000 people visit this science center every year to experience the marvels of science and technology.

Get information about another fascinating Science museum of India from this site. This site provides you with a gamut of details on B.M. Birla Planetarium and Science Museum in Hyderabad. This museum eulogizes the advances made in Science and technology. It delineates various aspects of the cosmos, the fascinating mysteries of the Universe, the comets, the Unidentified Flying Objects or (UFO). The state of the art sound technology of the museum gives you a feel of the outer space which adds to the trill and excitement of the tour of this museum. This museum never fails to amaze people with wonderful sky shows of the mysteries of the universe.
This site is the official website of Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological museum, Bangalore. This museum is situated in Kasturba Road of Bangalore amidst verdant greenery. This museum has seven permanent exhibition halls and two special exhibition halls. The museum attempts to bring scientific facts to the millions in a lucid and attractive way. Thus its galleries include Children's Science Gallery and Fun Science Gallery. It however also has galleries on more erudite aspects of science the gallery on “Biotechnological Revolution” and the “Space-Emerging Technology” gallery.

This is the site which tells you about an important science museum from the eastern zone of India. This museum is popularly known as the Science City. This place has a number of galleries which display the different scientific nuances. This place is equally popular with children as well as elders. So if you are a science enthusiast visit this site to be informed about this distinguished science exhibition center.
Discover the intriguing world of Science with this page which provides you these sites on the science museums in India.

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