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Cauvery fishing Camp, a Jungle Lodges Enterprise, located on Banks of River Cauvery known for the great Mahseer Fish, the largest tropical sporting river fish known to man. Tucked away from Bangalore city (Karnataka, India), yet close enough for you to reach it in two hours, these camps offer a slice of nature that is unique, rugged, and breathtakingly beautiful - one in which you can totally feel free! It is also an ideal wilderness retreat for the (non-fishing) nature lovers and knowledge workers.

Bheemeshwari : Bheemeshwari, the favourite getaway for day trippers is 100 kms from Bangalore.This place is a sanctuary to enjoy the calm environs. 
Galibore : Galibore is 95 km from Bangalore, 16 km away from Bheemeshwari. It is set amidst a wilderness of gigantic Terminalia arjuna trees, with the river flowing in front, and the hills on either side of the river. Wild elephants often come to the banks of the river to drink. There is a great barbecue corner around which you can have beer while the meat gets grilled.
  Doddamakali : Doddamakali is situated 6 km upriver of Bheemeshwari. This is the remotest and the most rugged and primitively beautiful place imaginable. This is where you will learn the meaning of the word "isolation".Here the Cauvery stills and collects into a large pool which is ideal for water sports. Six tents are located here. Doddamakali is a great place if you are ready to rough it out. 
Angler's Guide
Four different kinds of Mahseer are found in these waters – Silver, Gold, balck and Pink. However, in light of decreasing sizes and numbers of good specimens, 'Catch-and-Release' has become a necessary practice. Other fish often found are carp , catfish and many small ones useful as bait. The fishing season here is during the months of November, December, January and February. Guests are provided with a local guide or ‘gillie’ for every two visitors. Gillies help anglers with their knowledge of the waters and are experienced fishermen themselves. They also are adept at using the coracle boats (native, circular boats made out of buffalo hide) and can move guests from place to place in the waters. JLR provides the coracles to cross the river and also to help with the landing of fish Fishing is done during the morning, which lasts from first light until midday and then again from 4 o'clock until nightfall. Also, only a maximum of 10 rods are allowed to be in the water during a single session. Fishing techniques that are possible on these waters are Bait fishing, Fly fishing and Spinning. Bait is also provided – baked Ragi (millets) paste, freshwater crabs, chilva and sometimes figs are the main ones used.
Though camp has a few tackles on hire, we request guests to get their own tackle as personal preference is a factor.

Rods: Your main rod can be an off-the-shelf uptide of about 10 foot casting 6 - 10oz (one joint). Fibreglass is tougher than carbon and is also cheaper. A heavy duty carp rod for spinning and also a lighter rod for catching live bait will complete the set.
Reels: The main criterion for reels is that they take a lot of line. You don't have to cast far, but fish make long runs and you don't want to run out! They should be of the highest quality as they have to take a lot of pressure. Multipliers such as Abu Ambassadors are very popular, 7000 and 9000 models. Large fixed spools such as Shimano Aerlex can be used as well.
Line: 40lb or 50lb monofil for your main reel and perhaps Braid for spinning. A long fight with a fish can result in line being damaged and it will need to be changed when this happens.
Hooks: Sizes 5,6,7, 8 can be used for the main rod. Owner and Partridge are popular, but anything as long as it is extra strong. The same for hooks on lures. Change them for extra strong even if they are not already fitted.
Plugs: Rupala 9” or 8” (black and white) or Meps no.4 & 5 Guests are also advised to bring with them a cap, sunscreen, dark glasses, shorts, good shoes to taken on the water and personal medical kit. We request all our foreign clientele to adhere to all safety precautions and ensure that they get all their inoculations prior to their visit to the Camp.
  Sample program:
Day 01: Bangalore / Bheemeshwari Fishing and Nature Camp: (110kms / 3 hours) 
Leave Bangalore at 08:00hrs & proceed to Bheemeshwari Fishing and nature Camp, on arrival check in and proceed for lunch. Afternoon, tea and proceed for joy fishing or Trekking, evening free. Dinner and overnight. 
Day 02: Bheemeshwari Fishing and Nature Camp: 
Morning trekking or joy fishing or coracle ride, Breakfast at 09.30hrs and rest of the day free. Lunch, and proceed for joy fishing or trekking, evening dinner and overnight. 
  Day 03: Bheemeshwari Fishing and Nature Camp / Bangalore:
Morning trekking or joy fishing, breakfast at 09.30hrs, check out at 11.00hrs and proceed to Bangalore. Tour ends. 
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