filming in indiaCost of production

One of the major advantages of filming in India is the low cost of skilled labor and technicians. In addition the labor and technicians available are highly trained because of the high level of production output. Shooting in India can help save your company a tremendous amount on your production budget.

Limited language barriers
As English is one of the country's official languages it makes it easier for international film crews to operate and communicate with the highly skilled local technicians.

Production infrastructure
As India is the highest producer of feature films, infrastructure like studios, labs, post-production facilities and skilled crew to support such prodigious output is already in place.


Location diversity
India has a diverse range of locations to suit any filming requirement. From a vast selection of desert terrains in Rajasthan to the tropical beaches in Southern India . In addition a range of architectural styles exist, from the Middle Eastern influenced Islamic Mosques, Colonial and Victorian British Architecture and 18th Century Portuguese architecture in Goa.


Locations:For more information on regions and landscapes of India, please log on to:


Talent: Actors, models, extras, singers, dancers, etc.


Technicians: Art directors, cameramen, costume designers, directors, editors, lyricists, make up stylists, music directors, photographers, script writers, sound recordists, etc.


Equipment: 35mm/16mm cameras (ARRI and PANAVISION), HD camera, jibs and cranes, dollys and panthers, steadycams, lenses and filters, lighting equipment and lights, motion control rigs and gribs, generators, follow cars, DVD hard disk based sound recorders, mikes and booms, etc.


Post production facilities: Digital Intermediate (D.I.), editing (linear and non-linear), grading at telecines, processing and printing, visual effects, computer graphics, animation (2D, 3D, Claymation), sound mixing (rerecording).

film shooting arrangement indiaTravel and Accommodation: Access to any part of the country with all sorts of boarding and lodging facilities.Apart from the above, access to any legal procedures through experienced hands in the entertainment industry for the following:
Government permissions

Legal contracts and agreements
Clearing and forwarding/customs
Film finance and insurances


Please provide us with the following information while making your enquiry:
Name of the Company
Applicant’s name and designation
Your contact address, email, telephone nos
Project title and language
Nature of project (Film/TV/Docu/Ad Film)
Synopsis in English
Duration of filming in India
No. of crew travelling to India
Equipment and gear to be brought into India.

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