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  Jibhi Camp  
The Camp Freedom aims at freeing an individual from the negative elements which gets accumulated...
  Barot Camp  
Barot is a lovely place in Chuhar Valley at an altitude of 1830 mts. Here we have our yet another wonderful Base...
Solang Camp
The Camp Ecstasy aims to enrich spiritually the souls to feel spaceless ness and timelessness where relatively...
  Kanasar Camp
Chakrata known for its serene environs and pollution-free atmosphere, is situated at a distance of 98 kms from...
Freedom & Ecstasy Camp
Arrive Aut & from here road leads to Jibhi through the scenic Tirthan valley. A confluence...
  Other Base Camp  
Dhundi is an alpine plateau at a height of 2840 Mts. from where one can watch beautiful peaks of Deo Tibba...
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